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01-0019-9     8awg (133)TC UL1028/TEW 600V 105C White     $0.470/ft regularly $0.550/ft 
01-0102-5     6awg (133)TC XLPE SIS/UL3196 600V 125C Green     $0.790/ft regularly $0.95/ft 
01-0131-8     14awg (41)TC XLPO UL3321 600V 150C Gray      $0.150/ft regularly $0.175/ft 
01-5110-8     14awg (41)TC XLPE SIS/VW-1 600V 90C Gray      $0.115/ft regularly $0.140/ft  
01-5111-8     12awg (65)TC XLPE SIS/VW-1 600V 90C Gray      $0.154/ft regularly $0.180/ft
02-0162-9     16awg (19)BC SXL SAE-J1128 White      $0.053/ft regularly $0.068/ft 
02-0163-9     14awg (19)BC SXL SAE-J1128 White      $0.079/ft regularly $0.088/ft 
02-0166-2     8awg (19)BC SXL SAE-J1128 Red      $0.300/ft regularly $0.350/ft
03-0212-9     14awg (19)TC Type K FEP 600V 150C White     $0.260/ft regularly $0.390/ft 
03-0287     10awg (105)NCC TGGT, 600V, 250C      $0.650/ft regularly $0.820/ft  
03-0404     14awg (41)NCC Type MGT 600V 450C Tan      $0.630/ft regularly $0.760/ft 
03-0405     12awg (65)NCC Type MGT 600V 450C Tan      $0.815/ft regularly $0.930/ft 
03-0406     10awg (105)NCC Type MGT 600V 450C Tan      $1.380/ft regularly $1.540/ft 
04-0068     18awg 1pair non-shielded Belden 8461 equivalent      $0.143/ft regularly $0.182/ft 
04-0209     18awg 2cond shielded  Belden 8760 Equivalent       $0.190/ft regularly $0.230/ft 
07-0541-6     4pair 24awg Cat 5e CMR Blue        $0.078/ft regularly $0.093/ft 
07-8541     4pair 24awg Cat 5e Direct Burial Gel Filled UV rated      $0.160/ft regularly $0.190/ft 
13-0111     14awg 3cond SOOW 600V 90C Black 2piece 250' spools      $0.380/ft regularly $0.610/ft 
13-5024     16awg 4cond SJEOOW 300V 105C Black      $0.240/ft regularly $0.400/ft 
16-0222     14awg 5cond shielded VNTC 600V 90C Tray Cable      $0.560/ft regularly $0.660/ft 

500ft min per item.

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**Subject to prior sales**