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With thousands of different electrical wires and cables available, Cole Wire has been delivering the highest quality products and customer service to businesses all over the United States since 1979. Whether you need just a few hundred feet for a special project or tens of thousands of feet delivered every week, Cole Wire can provide the perfect product at competitive prices.

Have questions? Need help choosing the perfect wire or cable? Contact Cole Wire Today for expert help and a custom quote based on the latest copper wire prices.


Hook-Up Wire


Motor Lead Wire 

Motor Lead Wire


Custom Building Wire 

Building Wire


High Temperature Wire 

High Temperature Wire


Custom Electronic Wire 

Electronic Wire


Low Voltage Wire 

Low Voltage


Portable Cord & Control Cabe 

Portable Cord/Control Cable


White Cord 

White Portable Cord


Power Cable 

Portable Power/Mining Cable


Welding Cable 

Welding Cable


Tray Cable 

Tray Cable


Instrumentation Cable 



Special Application Wire 

Special Application


Cable Glands 

Hawke Cable Glands


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