White Portable Cord


White portable cord has a clean look and will blend in to white walls and ceilings. It is a versatile cable and has many uses in hospitals, museums, retail stores, indoor athletic facilities, schools and government buildings to name just a few. White cord will not scuff high gloss flooring.

Cole Wire will custom color any of our white cord to your specifications and we also can custom print your company or job name right on the cable.

Custom colors include: Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Gray, Tan, and Pink

Contact us today to create your custom cable!

Portable/ Service Cord Defined

S - Service Cord (600V)

SJ - Service Cord Junior (300V)

E - Elastomer

T - Thermoplastic

O - Oil-resistant Outer Jacket

OO - Oil-resistant Outer Jacket and Conductor Jacket

W - Water Resistant/ Weather Resistant

White Portable Cord Products

Available Types