Portable Power and Mining Cable


Cole Wire stocks and supplies a full line of Portable Power and Mining Cable. Type W (no grounds),Type G, Type G-GC and Type SHD-GC as well as DLO (Diesel Locomotive Cable) and Type SC (Stage Cable) are readily available from our stock or direct from the factory.

Portable Power and Mining Cables are very durable to withstand severe environmental conditions, exposure to oil, acids, alkalis, heat, moister and most chemicals. These cables feature stranding that maximizes flex life and the jackets have excellent impact resistance.

Type W cable is for heavy duty service as a power supply cable for mobile and portable electrical equipment, mining equipment and magnet crane.

Type G and Type G-GC cable has similar characteristics to Type W but includes grounds and ground checks and is typically used for heavy duty service as power supply cable for mobile and portable electrical equipment such as shuttle cars, coal cutters, drills and shovels where grounding is required.

Type SHD-GC cable has many similar characteristics as Type W and Type G and Type G-GC but while they are rated to 2KV, SHD-GC can also be 5KV, 8KV and 15KV depending on the applications requirements. SHD-GC is also different from Type W and Type Gand Type G-GC because it carries a braid shield. This cable is used for emergency or temporary power in the severest working conditions requiring portable shielded cables.

DLO cable, or Diesel Locomotive Cable, features extra-flexible stranding, excellent flame and abrasion resistance and resists oils, grease and gasoline.  Rated to 2KV, DLO is used in diesel electric locomotives, oil and gas well drilling rigs, mining and earth moving equipment, general shipyard and shipboard use and as heavy duty motor lead.

Type SC cable, or Stage Cable, is extra-flexible, abrasion resistant and withstands exposure to oils, ozone and solvents. Type SC is typically used for portable lighting systems, theatres, television, night clubs, spotlights, mobile communication vans, concert venues and carnivals.

Portable Power and Mining Cable Products