Portable Cord & Control Cable


Cole Wire has always been known for our portable cord and control cable. We stock SOOW, SEOOW, ST, STO, STOOW in 600 volt cord and SJ, SJO, SJOOW, SJT, SJTW, SJTOW in 300 volt cord. Cole Wire’s inventory includes 2 conductor all the way up to 60 conductor in some sizes.

These cables have many uses. The two, three and four conductor cords are used on portable tools and equipment, portable appliances and small motors to name a few. The multi-conductor items are used in stage lighting control, tools, heavy industrial, processing and construction equipment.

Portable/ Service Cord Defined

S - Service Cord (600V)

SJ - Service Cord Junior (300V)

E - Elastomer

T - Thermoplastic

O - Oil-resistant Outer Jacket

OO - Oil-resistant Outer Jacket and Conductor Jacket

W - Water Resistant/ Weather Resistant

Portable Cord & Control Cable Products