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Cole Wire offers all types of motor lead and automotive lead wire with different insulations including PVC, XLPE, Hypalon and EPDM. These wires have great flexibility even in larger sizes and can be used as appliance wire, lead wire, coil leads, transformer leads and motor lead wire or any application where resistance to abrasion, ozone, oil and chemicals is needed.

PVC insulation is polyvinyl chloride. PVC lead wires for automotive applications are commonly called primary wire or GPT (general purpose thermoplastic). This insulation resists water, oil, chemicals and abrasion. Used in surface vehicle electrical systems up to 60 volts DC or 25 volts AC. Other common applications are single bulb, heater leads, horn-button circuit, light switch, etc.

XLPE insulation is cross-linked polyethylene. XLPE lead wires for automotive applications are commonly called GXL, SXL or TXL depending on the insulation wall thickness. GXL is used in engine compartments where higher heat resistance is required according to SAE J-1128.

Hypalon insulation is chlorosulfonated polyethylene. It has excellent heat resistance and electrical properties. Hypalon is recommended for motor leads for Class 130(B) insulation systems.

EPDM is ethylene-propylene-diene elastomer. EPDM is a chemically cross-linked elastomer with excellent flexibility at high and low temperatures. It has good insulation resistance and dielectric strength, as well as excellent abrasion resistance and mechanical properties.

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