Electronic Wire


Electronic wire and cables cover a wide array of applications. Cole Wire stocks most of those electronic wire and cables to cut and ship immediately.

We break down electronics into three main categories: communications and control cables (multi-conductor and multi-paired), computer or data cables and coaxial cables.

Communication and control cable designs are available in a wide variety of insulation and jacketing compounds as well as different methods of shielding for the purpose of alleviating unwanted circuit noise.

  • PVC/PVC:Polyvinyl chloride insulations and jackets capable of meeting everyday general purpose applications. 
  • PLTC: Power Limited Tray Cable is PVC shielded and unshielded. It is rated to 300V, 105°C
  • PE or PP/PVC: Polyethylene or Polypropylene insulations assures clean, accurate reproduction of transmitted signals across circuits. 

Communication and control cables come both as multiple conductor cables or as paired cables. Paired design is frequently used in applications requiring isolation from noise, minimization of capacitance unbalances, and a reduction of various interfering currents. Circuit separation is further enhanced by individual shielded pairs. 

Computer and data cable are primarily for the internal or external interconnection of electronic equipment. These applications include: calculators, intercoms, alarm and signaling systems, data transmission, printers and similar systems. Cole Wire stocks category cables rated for residential uses as well as riser and plenum ratings. We also offer in both solid conductors and in stranded conductors for jumper applications.

Electronic Wire Products