Building Wire


Copper Building Wire is the most frequently specified wiring solution today for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

For commercial and industrial projects, THHN/THWN is widely specified for power distribution. From service entrance and feeders to branch circuits it can handle most electrical wiring needs. 

Type TFN and TFFN (similar to THHN but designated for 16AWG and 18AWG) can be utilized in a wide array of applications such as fixture wire, machine tool wire and appliance wiring material. 

Type XHHW is suitable for general purpose wiring, for power distribution and branch circuit wiring, where a cable having superior flame retardance is required. Also suitable for use in low leakage circuits requiring a dielectric constant of 3.5 or less (Hospital Grade).

Types USE and RHH/RHW are suitable for use in general purpose wiring applications and may be installed in raceway, conduit, direct burial and aerial installations where a cable having superior flame retardance is required. 

Type THW is suitable for use in conduit or other recognized raceways for services, feeders and branch circuit wiring. Applications also include general purpose grounding for power and distribution circuits in residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

Cole Wire stocks all of these types of wire and cable and adds value with our ability to cut, stripe, twist, parallel, bundle and print.

Building Wire Products