Give Me Anything but Black...

Give Me Anything but Black...  | BRAND NEWS


"You can have your car in any color you'd like, so long as it's black." - Henry Ford



It's personally one of my favorite colors.

I have countless black shirts, black shoes, black baseball caps, black watches.



Heck, I even like my coffee black... 

You're saying to yourself, if this is true and you're Mr. Black, then why the sudden attack on the color black?

We'll get to that momentarily...


Ole' Henry



While Henry Ford certainly was a visionary and did get it right with his assembly line, his views on color choices were wrong on many levels.

  1. It removes the freedom from the customer.
  2. It presumes everyone's favorite color is black. 
  3. It says the manufacturer knows better than the customer.


Customer Choice


All three of the above points come down to customer freedom and choice.

There is a reason Home Depot sells thousands of different paint colors. If you ask 10 different people what their favorite color is you are likely to get at least a handful of different answers.


Customers want the choice of color, and many times when it comes to business customers, they require a choice.


Required in Colors


Companies' in the electrical industry like Equipment manufacturers, contractors,  and engineering firms all have specifications and codes that they follow.  

Each particular electrical or electronic job they are working on may require cables, wires, conduit, and accessories in different colors. 


If I were to guess I would say 80% or more of all wire & cable that is manufactured has a black jacket. 



This makes things more difficult for a customer who requires another color! It really makes it difficult if they don't want to order huge minimum runs and wait many weeks or months from the factory.


Who has the time or the money for that?


Anything but Black


Our personal mission at Cole Wire & Cable is to provide people with the choices and freedom to order whatever color wire & cable they want.

In a way, we are the anti Henry Ford when it comes to color choices. (Respect to Henry) 

  • Customer wants a blue Motor Lead wire with yellow stripes?  Done.
  • Customer wants a Purple Tray cable with special print. Done.
  • Taylor Swift wants a quality stage lighting cable that looks like Cotton Candy? Definitely...done. 



Being Happy


We want people to be happy.

This can mean having a purple rhinestone iPhone case you've been wanting.

It can be buying the UL listed cables you need in Pink with polka dots.



Happy can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. 

Happy to Cole Wire might mean providing unlimited selection of cables, in every color imaginable. 

Happy to Elon Musk might be putting a Tesla battery in every home in America.

Happy to you might be spending your morning reading and commenting on political articles from the New York times, telling Trump or Hillary what's really on your mind...

The point is, people like different.

We need different. 

 And if you're like me, and you are just happy with plain old black?  

If that's what you want, be happy. Buy it in black. 


All the Best!

Written by Brand Jonseck

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