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What factors affect a wire or cable's flexibility?

The conductor stranding and the type of insulation or jacket directly effects the flexibility.

How does insulation affect ampacity (amps)?

The higher the temperature rating of an insulation the higher the amp rating. For example, a single conductor 2 AWG with 90°C PVC insulation in free air has an ampacity rating of (approximately) 185 amps.

The Automotive Harness Wiring Industry Is Set to Explode by 2020

The most recent report compiled by Future Market Insights, “Global Automotive Wiring Harness Market Analysis and Opportunities Assessment, 2014-2020,” notes that the automotive wire harness market is

Give Me Anything but Black...

Black. It's personally one of my favorite colors. I have countless black shirts, black shoes, black baseball caps, black watches. Heck, I even like my coffee black... You're saying to yourself, if this is true and you're Mr. Black, then why the sudden attack on the color black?

How Tesla's New Battery Technology Relates to Wire & Cable's Future

I foresee the Wire & Cable Industry innovating right along with the battery storage market, just as we did when the influx of electric vehicles. With more and more electric motors being designed, we at Cole Wire have recently found ourselves manufacturing and supplying specialty motor lead wire's that were not as popular before, but that are now finding themselves in our wheelhouse more and more.

Bundled Cable has a Case

In Electrical Construction, numbers matter. When Estimators and Project Managers are putting together a bid for a project they only have so much wiggle room when it comes to finishing in the black as a profitable job, or falling flat on their face and finishing in the red, losing money. When companies are forced to pay extra labor costs because their installers have to pull numerous singular loose wires and cables, it lowers the projects profitability.

High Temperature Wire & Cable

Have you ever had a situation when you needed a high temperature product, but didn't know where to find it, or who to call? It seems to happen more often than not when it comes to high temperature Wire & Cable. We want you to know that you can call on the high temperature experts at Cole Wire for your next order.